Central Java

Central Java, many possess a charming tourist attractions, both historical attractions, as well as natural attractions.

Bali Tourism

Bali is a tourist destination of Indonesia's tourist favorite. Strength characteristics of cultural and natural life.

West Java Tourism

You will get exotic natural beauty. All of it is the character of West Java tourism, which is a unique and memorable characters.

Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung Island is an island that has a wealth of tourist potential with the natural beauty and beautiful beaches.

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MediaTours.Info, an Indonesian tourist information contains information of tourism in Indonesia from various references and other relevant sources, so that the public, both domestic and abroad will be easier to get an overview of tourism in Indonesia in more depth.

Indonesia is a country rich in tourism potential. Starting from nature tourism, marine tourism, arts and culture to culinary. Even the leading tourist Indonesia is the world's premier tourist destinations, call it; Bali tourism, Lombok tourism, Java tourism, Land of Toraja and Papua tourism.

As one of the tourist destinations of the world through its main icon "Bali", Indonesia should use it to introduce more potential other real Indonesian tourism has an appeal that could compensate for Bali, because other Indonesian tourism potential very much scattered throughout Indonesia has a strong characteristic and different from each other, allowing Indonesia to become the world's tourist paradise and Indonesia tourism will become a major tourist destination of the world.